Swiss Society for African Studies SSAS/SGAS

The Swiss Society for African Studies (SSAS) aims at advancing research on Africa, including the organization of conferences to discuss questions of African lifestyles and other aspects of African societies and cultures. Contributing to the circulation of relevant information, the SSAS understands itself as platform for synergies and collaboration between universities and research institutions. It strives to enhance the visibility and the institutionalization of African Studies in Switzerland.

Founded in 1974, the SSAS is based on the model of Area Studies. With this view it offers opportunities to connect researchers and the interested public in a theme-oriented and multidisciplinary exchange. The biannual „Swiss Researching Africa Days” promote the exchange among researchers at different stages of their careers. In addition the SSAS organizes on its own or in cooperation with other societies of the Academy thematic conferences and symposia held at the universities in Switzerland’s different linguistic regions

The SSAS is publishing biannually a newsletter of 40 pages relating to recent topics. Additionally it is editing anthologies, readers and other publications in order to advance African Studies in Switzerland and internationally.

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