Swiss Association for Gender Studies SGGF

The Swiss Association for Gender Studies (SGGF) was founded in 1997 to promote gender studies and establish a long-term position for it in Swiss universities and research. It supports exchange and collaboration between gender researchers on a national and international level, as well as with science and research policy committees, and provides the public with a broad spectrum of expert knowledge. The SGGF works closely with the LIEGE network, the Think Tank Gender & Diversity, Femwiss and the Swiss-wide Gender Campus platform, which provides information about all activities relating to gender research and diversity/equality taking place at universities in Switzerland. The SGGF is also involved in exchanging information across German/French linguistic borders and between theoretical traditions, convinced that this offers innovative potential for Swiss gender studies on an international scale.

As a specialist association, the SGGF organises a specialist conference every two years. The SGGF has also been awarding the Brigitte Schnegg Prize every other year since 2017, as part of its general meeting. Lastly, the SGGF publishes the Geschlechterfragen/Questions de Genre series.