Swiss Society of Americanists (SAG-SSA)

Bulletin de la Société suisse des Américanistes, BSSA

The Swiss Society of Americanists’ primary publication is the society’s bulletin, which is published once a year. It is put online a month after the paper edition is published.

The bulletin can be read on the society’s website. A paper copy is also sent to members.

The bulletin often has a theme and is the result of collaboration between researchers in Switzerland and in other countries.

Recent issues:

  • No 73, 2011 : Guarani. Coordination : Hugo Arce, Sabine Kradolfer, Stefania Di Iulio
  • No 74, 2012. Memora de un simposio, Conference Papers, 9-12/05(12de Acerca del centenario de la masacre de los Independientes de color en Cuba, 1912-2012 : On the Centennial of Cuba’s Independant Party of Color, 1912-2012. Coordination : Aline Helg. (seulement disponible en ligne, pas de version papier).
  • No 75, 2013-14 : Colombia Hoy, Cambios constitucionales y procesos de paz. Coordination : Claude Auroi et Juan Fernando Palacio
  • No 76, 2015 : Gobernanza local, pueblos indígenas e industrias extractivas, transformaciones y continuidades en America latina. Coordinacion : Dario Restrepo, Liliana Soler-Gómez Lutzelschwab, Eduardo Toche y Molvina Zeballos.

BSSA Online:

Swiss Asia Society (SAS/SAG)

Swiss Anthropological Association (SAA/SEG)

The Swiss Anthropological Association produces two publications annually

The specialist journal “Tsantsa” has been published since 1996 and is subject to an external peer review procedure. Contributions on current social and cultural anthropological topics are published in German, English, French and Italian. Tsantsa is also avaliable online (with a one-year moving wall for non-members).

Print copies of all issues can be ordered through the SAA’s secretary:


The “Bulletin SEG/SSE” is an annual review providing information about the activities of the Swiss Anthropological Association and its committees in the previous year. Members of the association receive the bulletin electronically or by post. The issues are also available online.

Bulletin SES/SEG:

Swiss Society for African Studies (SSAS/SGAS)

Schweizerische Gesellschaft Mittlerer Osten und Islamische Kulturen (SGMOIK/SSMOCI)


Swiss Society for Religious Studies (SSRS/SRG)

Swiss Society for Folklore Studies (SSFS/SGV)

The Swiss Society for Folklofe Studies publishes two journals, the “Schweizerische Archiv für Volkskunde (SAVk)“ and “Schweizer Volkskunde (SVk)”. It also publishes different academic series including “culture. Schweizer Beiträge zur Kulturwissenschaft” and “Bauernhäuser der Schweiz”.