There are four focal areas within the diverse subjects studied in Switzerland. Social and cultural anthropology deals most directly with the subject of society and culture, comparing the cultures of different ethnic groups and considering specific aspects of culture and daily life (or “popular cultures”). Here, fundamental questions are considered. Other disciplines, like area studies, comparing regions, consider sociocultural phenomena in Africa, America or Asia. These look at the languages with which cultural assets and societal structures are conveyed, which means that many disciplines are also focused on philology, linguistics and literature. Finally, religions are also part of the subject area of culture and society, meaning degree programmes in this field (religious studies, Islamic studies, Judaism studies, India studies, Christian theology, etc.) are also presented here.

Below is an alphabetical list of disciplines and subject areas, which allow in-depth study of the subject “Cultures and Societies”. Other disciplines, which focus more strongly on historical, philosophical, linguistic and literary approaches to “Cultures and Societies” can be found on other SAGW portals.